"To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts." -Henry David Thoreau

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Is Golf Course Design History a Reflection of Urban Design History?

Introduction Golf is a game inextricably linked with the natural environment. It is played outside with all types of soil, vegetation, climate,...

A Look at Baron Haussmann and Paris

Napoleon III—Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte— the Emperor of the Second French Empire needed help. He had just taken control of the French Empire and...

Fall Photos in the Flint Hills (Kansas)

A few photos from the last week in the Flint Hills of Kansas.  
Denver Tactical Urbanism / Civic Center Eats

Is tactical urbanism right for your community?

It sounds more like a military exercise than something urban planners and urban planning aficionados can learn about. In reality, tactical...

Urban Planning

Jonathan holds a Master of Regional and Community degree and has two years of professional experience in urban planning.

Landscape Architecture

Jonathan is currently a Master of Landscape Architecture student, expected to graduate in May 2017.

Urban Design

His expertise in both urban planning and landscape architecture blend well into urban design.