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Are homeless ruining I.M. Pei’s 16th Street Mall in Denver?

Can homeless ruin good urban design? Do you find New York City’s midtown section just a little less enjoyable because of the homeless population?...
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Diana Balmori’s “A Landscape Manifesto” Book Review

Prelude The intent of this blog post is to review A Landscape Manifesto by Diana Balmori and three previous seminal articles...
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Your car commute is literally killing you

Do you walk to work? No? I’m not surprised. Only about 3% of Americans walk to work each day. That’s substantially lower than car (86%) and even...

Sustainability, Resiliency, and Cities in the 21st Century

The global population is now more urban than rural for the first time in human history and the urban dweller population expects to increase 80%...

Urban Planning

Jonathan holds a Master of Regional and Community degree and has two years of professional experience in urban planning.

Landscape Architecture

Jonathan is currently a Master of Landscape Architecture student, expected to graduate in May 2017.

Urban Design

His expertise in both urban planning and landscape architecture blend well into urban design.