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Lowry, Denver: Stapleton’s older, wiser sister

I, a 25-year old young urban planning and design professional, live in the wealthiest zip code in Denver. Is that a result of a trust fund? No....
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Are homeless ruining I.M. Pei’s 16th Street Mall in Denver?

Can homeless ruin good urban design? Do you find New York City’s midtown section just a little less enjoyable because of the homeless population?...
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Diana Balmori’s “A Landscape Manifesto” Book Review

Prelude The intent of this blog post is to review A Landscape Manifesto by Diana Balmori and three previous seminal articles...
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Your car commute is literally killing you

Do you walk to work? No? I’m not surprised. Only about 3% of Americans walk to work each day. That’s substantially lower than car (86%) and even...

Urban Planning

Jonathan holds a Master of Regional and Community degree and has two years of professional experience in urban planning.

Landscape Architecture

Jonathan is currently a Master of Landscape Architecture student, expected to graduate in May 2017.

Urban Design

His expertise in both urban planning and landscape architecture blend well into urban design.