Award-winning Urban Planner, Urban Designer, and Landscape Architect.
Passionate, results-driven professional delivering high-quality work for any task.
Focusing on large-scale planning and design.

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Boulder, Colorado’s Walking Infrastructure is Better Than Your City

In the 1990s, the City of Boulder wasn’t any better than any other city in the U.S. when it came to walkability. Poor driver compliance with...

Quick and Easy GIS Tips and Tricks!

I took one cartography and one GIS course in college. But my Master’s Report methodology relied heavily upon GIS to answer my study...

My Favorite Environmental Activism Event – Park(ing) Day

One of the best ideas to engage and educate others about open space (a subject near and dear to my heart), is an outreach project often called...

B-cycle Denver: The bike sharing start-up is changing commuting in Denver

In previous articles, I have discussed Denver’s attempts to expand transportation alternatives and curb its air pollution problems by expanding...

Urban Planning

Jonathan holds a Master of Regional and Community degree and has two years of professional experience in urban planning.

Landscape Architecture

Jonathan is currently a Master of Landscape Architecture student, expected to graduate in May 2017.

Urban Design

His expertise in both urban planning and landscape architecture blend well into urban design.